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ISSN: 1985-0611

e-ISSN: 2756-8253


About the Journal


Sejarah is a journal of the Department of History, University of Malaya which was published in 1988. The publication of Sejarah was actually a continuation of the tradition of publishing journals that had been carried out by the Department of History since the 1960s. Prior to Sejarah, the Department of History had produced many journals, including The Journal of the Historical Society in 1961/62 that was replaced by Jernal Sejarah (1970/71 - 1977/78) and Jurnal Hubungan Antarabangsa (1972/73 - 1975/76) to include writings on political development and international relations as part of the syllabus of the Department. The Department did not publish any academic journal after Jernal Sejarah ceased publication in 1977/78. The Department and the Historical Society, University of Malaya, cooperated again in 1984/85 when the latter published Monograf Sejarah (No. 1 1984/85). This was followed by a period of non activity until the emergence of Sejarah in 1988. The first chief editor of this journal was J. Kathirithamby-Wells, and the editorial board consist of Abdullah Zakaria Ghazali, Adnan Haji Nawang, Amarjit Kaur, Mohamad Abu Bakar, and Mohd Hear Awang. 

Starting 2013 Sejarah is published twice a year (June and December), and include articles in both Malay and English.

Sejarah is indexed by MyCite (Malaysian Citation Index).


Field / Subject / Scope

Sejarah published ariticles and research papers in the field / subject / scope of history, civilization, thought, economic, politic and international relation, and other development perspectives.

Open Access Policy

Sejarah is freely available online for authors and students to view and  download. Users should agree with the general open access policy on the  unrestricted access and practice integrity, as stated in "3" when citing/quoting/referencing all materials published in this system.