Tukang Timbal: Kebijaksanaan Akal dan Teknologi Tradisional dalam Pembuatan Perahu di Terengganu, 1900-1941

Tukang Timbal: Wisdom and Traditional Technology in Boat Building in Terengganu, 1900-1941


  • Norazilawati Abd Wahab Fakulti Pengajian Umum Dan Pendidikan Lanjutan, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), MALAYSIA
  • Nur Alia Shamsul Bahri Fakulti Pengajian Umum Dan Pendidikan Lanjutan, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA ), MALAYSIA
  • Arba'iyah Mohd Noor Jabatan Sejarah, Fakulti Sastera dan Sains Sosial, Universiti Malaya, MALAYSIA
  • Nur Shuhada Mohamed Fakulti Pengajian Umum Dan Pendidikan Lanjutan, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), MALAYSIA




Tukang Timbal (master boat builders) , Boat, Terengganu , Local Wisdom


The work system and handiwork of Malay artisans, including Tukang Timbal (master boat builders), are often perceived to be tied to tradition and confounded by traditional techniques and styles. Tukang Timbal is seen to have neglected the aspect of creativity and is unable to innovate in their work. The stigma that surrounds Tukang Timbal is increasingly being challenged by the modernization of transport brought by the British, namely fiber boats in the 20th century. As a result, traditional transport began to be put aside because it was labeled as obsolete and uneconomical. Ironically, this traditional transport is one of the developments of the economic activities of shipping, trade and fishing in Terengganu. This is because, every work produced is without using modern plans and kun. Therefore, this article aims to see the revolution and innovation brought by the Tukang Timbal in the activities of boat companies in Terengganu and how a lead Tukang Timbal is able to bring traditional ideas and technology in boat making to the international level. This study uses a qualitative method that involves the collection and analysis of data from primary sources obtained from the National Archives of Malaysia such as CO 840/1 (Terengganu Administration Report, 1910-1930), CO 840/2 (Terengganu Administration Report 1931-1940), Terengganu State Government Secretary File and Terengganu British Adviser File. In addition, secondary sources are also used such as journals, books, book chapters and magazines to further strengthen the research conducted. The results of the study prove that, even if a Tukang Timbal (master boat builders) only uses traditional technology to create a boat, but the revolution in producing a boat without a plan, frame or kun, still succeeds in creating a boat or a large ship that brings a new shift to the international level around 1900 to 1941.

Received: 20 Februari 2023

Reviewed: 20 Februari 2023

Accepted: 21 March 2023


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