Persaingan Kuasa antara Komunis dengan Kerajaan di Tanah Melayu, 1948-1960

Power Rivalry Between the Communists and the Government in Malaya, 1948-1960


  • Ho Hui Ling Jabatan Sejarah, Fakulti Sastera dan Sains Sosial, Universiti Malaya, MALAYSIA



Communist, Public Order, Emergency, British Administration, Malaya


The communist movement was a threat to public order and security in Malaya. Thus, the government (referring to the British administration) declared the emergency in Malaya (1948-1960). The communists (Malayan Communist Party)/MCP) and the government had their own political agendas in Malaya. This article aims to discuss the problems of the communists movement and the government actions against the communists. This article uses a qualitative approach, that is, library research method by referring to primary sources such as Colonial Office records, government reports and publications and newspapers, as well as various secondary sources such as books and articles. This writing found that there was a power struggle between the communists and the government in upholding power and widening their influence among the people of Malaya during the emeregncy period. This condition is caused by MCP who wanted to take control of Malaya and establish a communist republic, while the government acts to prevent the political plans of MCP as it could affect British administration in Malaya. Hence, efforts were taken by government to combat the communists. The government’s efforts caused difficulties to the communist movement, especially in obtaining food supplies, information and assistance from the population. On the other hand, the efforts of the government managed to win the cooperation of the people of Malaya. Finally the communist movement could be defeated and the emergency enforcement withdrawn on 31 July, 1960.

Received: 23 Januari 2023

Reviewed: 30 Januari 2023

Accepted: 1 April 2023


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