Pengaruh Ilmu Mantik Terhadap Beberapa Penulisan Ilmu Nahu The Influence of Mantic on Some of Nahu's Literatures

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Mohd Saiful Aqil Naim Saful Amin
Syed Mohammad Hilmi Syed Abdul Rahman


Logic is a science that is recognized as the prolegomena for all knowledge. This is because all knowledge involves the process of definition and construction of arguments which is the main discussion in this science, namely as taṣawwur and taṣdīq. Plus, the science of logic was intergrated with other sciences by our scholars such as uṣūl al-fiqh and islamic theology hence proves that logic is definitely gateway to other sciences. In addition, the Arabic syntax knowledge -known as naḥu- is considered to be the main key in mastering all knowledge related to the Arabic language. Interestingly, some writings related to Arabic syntax science in the era of scholars who were later found to intergrate this science with logical writing methods. This has become a catalyst factor for efforts to study the influence of logic on the writing of Arabic syntax scholars. Therefore, this study was written to analyze the influence of logic on some Arabic syntax writings through the method of literature review and analysis of selected texts from some writings. The results of the study found that science of logic indeed had a significant influence on Arabic syntax scholars in their writing. This further reinforces the legitimacy of logic as the gateway to all knowledge and highlights the importance of this science to be mastered among students and researchers of religious science.


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