The Analysis of the Quranic Discourse for François Déroche

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Halima Cheikh


Writing about contemporary Orientalism does not necessarily mean separating the past from the present; on the contrary, knowing more about its recent development, orientations and perspectives which extend from its past, is necessary to better grasp its evolution. Among the Western Studies on the Quran and Islam, which covered a long period of time, our research  is based on the work of a French Orientalist, François Déroche, whose book is entitled "The Quran". The scope of our research covers the most important components of the book to shed light on how the Western World viewed the Quran and Islam in the past and how they consider both of them in the present time. For this purpose, our study falls on four parts. The first introduces the writer François Déroche and his understanding of the Quran. The second part reveals the writer's motives for the study of the Sacred Quran, while the third highlights the important stations and chapters of the book. The fourth part of our research centers on Déroche' approach all throughout his study of the Sacred Quran. It reveals also the writer's background, present in his analysis. Our conclusion includes the main elements of our study.

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