Quranic Motivation Toward Modern Approach for E-Da'wah

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Meftah Mohammed Charaf Eddine
Akram M Zeki


The world today needs to know Islam correctly. In our days there are more than five billions people who do not believe in Islam all over the world. Most of them have never been invited or have a distorted view of Islam. Therefore, doubling the efforts to communicate with them is one of the most important tasks. The call of non-Muslims to Islam at all places and all times, with the latest methods and techniques does not have time to delay. Based on quranic motivations and hadith, we can be concluded that the greatest task of the Muslim in this world is to call to Allah S.W.T with wisdom and knowledge insight (Elhikmah and Elbasirah). Since wisdom is to put the right thing in the right place by the most appropriate way, the elements of this wisdom vary according to time and place. On the other hand, one of the most important shortcomings of current Da’wah methods is that they tend to invite those who have a predisposition toward Islam, while the vast majority of non-Muslims don’t have inclination towards Islam. Current e-Da’wah methods does not take into account the changing characteristics and modes of Da’wah according to the time, the environment, and characteristics of both: the invited and the da'ee. In this paper, a new approach for e- Da’wah is proposed to be directed especially to the large proportion of non-Muslims who don’t have inclination towards Islam. Based on quranic motivations: wisdom (Islamic Da’wah Database System -Reference Guide: database that includes various appropriates da’wah modes), knowledge insight (Internet map, mapping techniques and networks analyses for Electronic Islamic Da’wah), and latest and most appropriate ICT  means.


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