Living Quran Element By Abdel Haleem: Overview In The Understanding The Quran's Book; Themes And Style

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Hanif Mudhofar Abdul Jalil
Monika @ Munirah Abd Razzak
Selamat Amir


Living Quran is a scientific study of the Quran that examines the relationship between the Quran and the social reality situation. Living Quran can also be interpreted as a "live" Quranic text in society. The Living Quran study is part of the Quran study whose sample study is the response and appreciation of the community towards the Qur'an. This article will examine the famous tafsir by Muhammad Abdel Haleem titled Understanding the Quran; Themes and style. In the work there are several elements of the Living Quran. Hence, this study will examine the approach he uses through his work and then analyze and make some of his special criticisms in the aspect of the Living Quran. Some of the discoveries to be described may contribute to the method of interpretation of the Quran as well as elevating his credibility as a contemporary Islamic intellectual.


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