The Development of Sign Language and Its Use in The Practical Intonation for Non-Arabic Speakers

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Ellhame Yahya Hussain Al-‘Ulawi


This study aimed to develop the sign language to be used in teaching intonation for non-Arabic speakers. To achieve the objective of the study, a descriptive analytical approach was used. The study tools consisted of an analysis card for the content of the standardized sign language dictionary for the deaf, and building a list of developed signs compatible with the provisions of the intonation of the Holy Qur’an. Among the intonations that this study focus on are: Al-nūn wal Mīm al-Musyaddadatāni, al-Mīm al-Sākinah, al-Sākinah wa al-Tanwīn, Al-Mādūd, Makhārij al-Hurūf, al-Qalqalah, al-Tafkhīm wa al-Tarqīq.


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Research Article (Arabic)