Al-Makānat al-'Ilmiyyah li Kitāb al-Ahkām al-Kabīr 'Inda Muallifihi al-Hāfiz Ibn Kathir

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Faisal Jaber al-Syamri Amin Ahmad Abdullah al-Nahari Rusydi Ramli


This study aims to identify the position of Al-Hafiz Ibn Khathir and the importance of his book “The Great Book of Provinces”. In this study, the researcher explores the position of “The Great Book of Provinces” for his author Al-Hafiz Ibn Khathir who was one of the greatest scholars and channels of knowledge. He left to the Islamic library a blooming field of books and collections many of which were lost, and the rest reached us as manuscripts or publications. The research began with presenting the biography of Al-Hafiz Ibn Khathir and defining “The Great Book of Provinces”. Then researchers followed that by mentioning the importance of this book for Al-Hafiz Ibn Khathir through showing the places which Al-Hafiz Ibn Khathir referred to it, and showing its juristic and modern value to motivate scholars and researchers to conduct adequate and integrated studies on it. The nature of the study imposed the use of the inductive and analytical approach. The study concluded that “The Great Book of Provinces” is considered as an encyclopedia in the science of Hadith with its many benefits and valuable issues which Al-Hafiz Ibn Khathir presented in the way of Hadith.

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JABER AL-SYAMRI, Faisal; ABDULLAH AL-NAHARI, Amin Ahmad; RAMLI, Rusydi. Al-Makānat al-'Ilmiyyah li Kitāb al-Ahkām al-Kabīr 'Inda Muallifihi al-Hāfiz Ibn Kathir. QURANICA - International Journal of Quranic Research, [S.l.], v. 12, n. 2, p. 386-420, aug. 2020. ISSN 2590-4167. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 23 jan. 2021.
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