Mazahir Ta’zīm Allah Wa Ijlalihi ‘Ulama’ al-Qiraat Wa Juhudihim fi Tarsīkh Zalik

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Wasim Muhammed Sulaimani


The issue of religious and moral values is one of the most important issues that sharia is keen on, but the islamic sciences came to instill these great values in the hearts of the people, and one of the most important values on which sharia was keen is the value of glorifying And  unification of God. The question of research is about the participation of Qraat science and its scientists in the service of this great legitimate cause, and the extent to which they are trying to establish this in the minds of the people. I have researched the biography of the greatest readers of the Qur'an, to extract evidence of the glorification of God in their lives, in their education, and I have researched the science of reading and interpreting the Qur'an, and the sciences associated with this science, and I made the reserch in four chapters, to extract evidence of the keenness of scholars in stating the importance of glorifying God in their books and their lives. The result of the research is that the science of reading the Qur'an and its related knowledge is not a heavy science that has nothing to do with religious morals in its matters! Rather, it has been proven in the research that the science of reading the Qur'an and its scholars have efforts in the statement of religious values, the most important of which is the issue of glorifying and unifying God, and those who are educated in reading the Qur'an should follow the influence of scholars in taking care of these values in their efforts and books.


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