Bina’un Qiadatin Mu’aẓẓimatin Lillahhi Ta’ala Fi Ḍau’ Hidayat Qiṣṣati Saiyyidina Musa ‘Alaihissalam Fi Surati Al-‘Araf

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Zineb Saouli Talha
Abdollatif Ahmadi Ramchahi
M. Y. Zulkifli Mohd Yusoff


This study aims to propose how to create leaders who glorify Allah the almighty by extracting the guidance inspired by a number of verses that have been dealt in the story of prophet Moses – as a messenger- leader, in Surat al-A’raf. These verses show how much the prophet Moses (peace be upon Him) used to glorify Allah. The verses besides show the leadership side of him as the leader of his people of the Israel. However, the importance of this study lies in extracting various guidance that can be derived from the precious verses that combine leadership and the glorification of Allah, and showing the ways that helps Muslims nowadays to create Islamic leaders, using the inductive and introspective approach. This study has proved unique prophetic leadership role of Prophet Moses that combined with a strong faith.


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Research Article (Arabic)