The Memorization of the Noble Qur’an and Its Effect on Behavioral Development for Its Students

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Ebrahim Mousi


The topic of the study is “The memorization of the Noble Qur’an and its effect on behavioral development for its students”. The study aimed to clarify the educational implications of the Quranic throat, and to explain the educational effect of the Quranic throat on developing behavioral practices on students of that throat. The researcher used the descriptive approach, the analytical approach, whereby the study is concerned with showing the behavioral aspect that the Quranic throat was keen towards its students to reach the best results, which was the most important: that educational discipline in Quranic episodes has become a legal necessity in our contemporary reality and in it the educational goals of the Quranic episodes are achieved. The increase in behavioral problems in societies is due to the lack of educational discipline of the Qur'anic throat, which is the appropriate way to treat behavioral problems; especially those behaviors that are immoral and anti-social. Restricting to memorizing Qur'anic seminars and preventing accompanying educational programs that help make Quranic seminars succeed in a positive educational manner has negative effects on the reality of Quranic education and on the behavior of students.


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