The Method of Ikhtiar by Imam Al-Tabari In Tafsir Jami’ Al- Bayan A’n Ta’wil Ay Al-Quran: Analytical Study Based on The Principles of Qiraat Sahihah

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Ibrahim Mohd Sobki
Nor Hafizi Yusof
Yusharina Yusof


Imam al-Tabari is one of the distinguished Mufassirin. His masterpiece is Tafsir al-Tabari became a reference for many scholars in various field of knowledge. Imam al-Tabari's interpretation includes various branches of knowledge from authentic al-Ma'thur sources. In discussion the knowledge of Qiraat, Imam al-Tabari has made in depth debates on the differences in Qiraat and bringing the arguments from various sources. This study was conducted to find out the method of ikhtiar used by imam al-Tabari in discussing on the knowledge of Qiraat based on the principles of Qiraat Sahihah through the interpretation of Jami' al-Bayan A'n Ta'wil Ay al-Quran. The research methodology is based on inductive research where the analysis has been done through reading and referring to the tafsir al-Tabari which includes some discussions on verses by Imam al-Tabari. The results of the analysis showed that imam al-Tabari has made ikhtiar based on the Qiraat principles on certain verses and his argument is also according to certain circumstances that are compatible with the Qiraat Sahihah principles.


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Research Article (Malay)